Shock, horror – a Windows 10 update has broken some printers

Shock, horror — a recent windows 10 update has been causing havoc across the world after it caused some printers to stop working correctly. This windows update is particularly problematic for businesses and small scale offices who are reliant on their printers.

News of this issue has spread like wildfire, with many people distraught at the prospect of their outdated hardware becoming completely unusable. The printing industry is no stranger to technological innovation but, in this case, the popular windows 10 operating system may have pushed existing hardware too far.

According to reports, those affected by the update claim that it has disrupted the functioning of certain brands and models of printer which are now failing to print documents or images correctly.

Symptoms include loss of communication between computer and printer as well as buttons on the actual device ceasing to work properly or not responding at all. Microsoft’s response was swift and decisive; they rolled out an immediate fix for this problem but many users were left frustrated by how long it took for them to resolve this issue in comparison with how quickly it occurred originally.

It looks like microsoft underestimated how difficult this printing issue could be — a major problem when most people rely on their computers and printers running smoothly! What makes matters worse is that there doesn’t seem to be any clear way for people facing these problems with

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