Evernote is laying off staff and relocating to Europe

Evernote is laying off staff and relocating to Europe as part of a shift in strategy. The note-taking app that was once hailed as “king of note-taking apps” by Engadget has been struggling for quite some time. The company has been battling against stiff competition from other productivity apps, most notably Apple’s own Notes app. In an attempt to revitalize the brand and reshape operations, Evernote’s parent company Bending Spoons has decided to relocate most of the US and Chile-based employees to Europe, where the app will be centered.

It’s not yet clear how many employees will be affected by this decision, but the CEO of Evernote has promised to support those who are leaving with a substantial separation package. This includes 16 weeks of salary, a prorated performance bonus, one year of health insurance coverage, and visa support for those who may need it.

The move to Europe also signifies a significant change in Evernote’s focus, as the company is now aiming to become a business-centric tool. This will allow the company to offer a more customized experience for users, which could boost its revenue in the long run.

According to the CEO of Evernote, Francesco Patarnello, the company’s restructuring is based on its commitment to “create a product that better serves the needs of a broader group of people.” Hopefully, this new direction will help the app regain its position as a leading competitor in the productivity space.

However, the fact that Evernote is laying off so many employees shows how tough it is to be a startup in this industry. As more and more companies enter the market, it becomes harder to maintain a large team and keep up with demand for products. It’s also not uncommon for startups to scale back their operations once they start losing traction.

This is a sad day for those affected by this news, but it’s also important to remember that companies have to make difficult decisions at some point to stay competitive in the market. We wish the best of luck to all of those who are leaving the company and hope that they find success in their future endeavors.

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This article was originally published on April 11, 2023 and has been updated to reflect the most recent developments.

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Techopedia Explains Evernote Layoffs

After several rounds of layoffs, the popular note-taking app will be relocating to Europe, where its parent company Bending Spoons is based. The move will reportedly result in the layoffs of most of the US and Chile-based staff. It is expected that the app will be renamed and relaunched in the European market with an emphasis on business tools.

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